Finally, Retirement Planning
Technology Kept Simple

RetireworX Planner™ employs back-in-time results, which use
your client's current portfolio to automatically calculate the
accumulation and distribution success of your client's
retirement plans.

RetireworX Planner™

Quite simply, the most effective retirement planning consultation tool on the market.

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On our radio show that we broadcast 4 hours a week, we refer to RetireworX as the ‘retire roadmap’ or ‘financial blue print’. After the fact finder interview, which is the 1st meeting, with almost every client we build this roadmap on our 42 inch monitor right in front of them. When they help build it, it is an eye opener and powerful. It shows them the road they're on and if they are going to have enough money. The software is non-emotional. Then we show them our strategies based on the fact finder giving them the pros and cons for each strategy to make sure they don’t run out of money. The different colors and graphics is an eye opener even for engineers.


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